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“Today, the Supreme Court affirmed the Federal Trade Commission’s position in recognizing that a state may not give private market participants unsupervised authority to suppress competition even if they act through a formally designated ‘state agency’. In this case, the North Carolina dental board’s members, primarily dentists, were ... Briefs and Records/Electronic Filing Site North Carolina Supreme Court and Appellate Court petitions, briefs, and records are now posted on the Courts' Electronic Filing Site and Document Library. Briefs and records are available for selected cases from 1999 to 2010. Click on "Browse" or "Search" under "Library" in the upper left corner of the ... May 15, 2017 · NBC’s Pete Williams reports on the Supreme Court’s refusal to consider an appeal to a 2013 North Carolina voter ID law, one of the strictest in the country.May 15, 2017 ... Electronic Case Files Since 1999, many case files are maintained electronically and are available through the internet-based Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) service. PACER allows anyone with an account to search and locate appellate, district, and bankruptcy court case and docket information.

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Georgia, invalidating all death sentences nationwide, the North Carolina Supreme Court reviewed North Carolina’s death penalty statute in 1973 in State v. Waddell. Waddell. The Waddell court held that the unconstitutionality of North Carolina’s death penalty statute could be resolved by severing the portion of the statute that allowed a ... Woodson challenged North Carolina’s mandatory death sentence but the Supreme Court of North Carolina upheld the law. The U.S. Supreme Court agreed to review the case and on July 2, 1976, a 5-4 majority voted to over turn the North Carolina Supreme Court ruling. These North Carolina courthouses also hear appeals of district court cases. There are eight superior court divisions around the state. Mentioned courts had 16,194 civil and 126,707 criminal cases before them in a recent year, which can be accessed via North Carolina court case lookup. There were an additional 8,600 criminal-level traffic issues. Mar 26, 2019 · The Supreme Court on Tuesday wrestled with the issue of extreme, partisan gerrymandering, a practice North Carolina college students and others call unconstitutional. Supreme Court, Trial Courts, Court of Appeals, and county court listings. SC Solicitors State and federal solicitor links, including a listing of solicitors by judicial circuit. U.S. Bankruptcy Court of South Carolina Court, case and filing information, court fees, forms, locations, and resources. U.S. District Court of South Carolina Minnesota Public Access (MPA) Remote offers access to case information via the internet for certain court records in the Minnesota Court Information System (MNCIS). The information is limited as described in the MN Rules of Public Access to Records of the Judicial Branch. Court documents cannot be viewed in MPA Remote at this time. A suit may be entered only in connection with a custody suit, not in an independent action. Because grandparents in North Carolina cannot file an independent action for visitation, some grandparents seek visitation rights as a part of a grandchild's custody case even if they are not being denied contact. They consider it insurance for the future.

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Packingham v. North Carolina, 582 U.S. ___ (2017), is a United States Supreme Court decision holding that a North Carolina statute that prohibited sex offenders from accessing social media websites violated the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Search for records costs $24 dollars and includes one certified copy. Additional copies are $15 dollars each. Expedited service and overnight shipping are $15-$20 dollars each. The fastest service is done by walking in to the Vital Records office in Raleigh, which is open from 8am to 3pm Mon-Fri.

North Carolina law gives exclusive jurisdiction over challenges to congressional and state legislative plans in state court to a three-judge panel composed of the senior superior court judge of Wake County and two other state superior court judges appointed by the Chief Justice of the state Supreme Court from different regions of the state ... May 15, 2017 · NBC’s Pete Williams reports on the Supreme Court’s refusal to consider an appeal to a 2013 North Carolina voter ID law, one of the strictest in the country.May 15, 2017 ... May 02, 2019 · Most cases before the Supreme Court are heard at the discretion of the court. Discretionary review is requested when a petitioner files a petition for a writ of certiorari (cert.) explaining the merits of the case and arguing for why the case is a good candidate for Supreme Court review.

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Justia › US Law › Case Law › North Carolina Case Law › North Carolina Court of Appeals Decisions › 1985 › Matter of Estate of Longest Receive free daily summaries of new opinions from the North Carolina Supreme Court . The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday blocked a lower court's order for North Carolina to rework its congressional map because Republicans violated the Constitution by drawing electoral districts ...